Corporate History and Philosophy

@-IT Systems Group Inc. has evolved as a result of over thirty years of combined experience in the Information Technology (IT) industry in Winnipeg. The IT technology base is changing at an increasing rate driven by phenomenons like the Internet, e-Commerce, Mobile Computing and Social Networking.

What hasn't changed are the systems development lifecycle processes that transfer the technology into meaningful business practices and provides a return on investment for an organization.

@-IT's success is a result of two focuses:


We maintain a high degree of business ethics and honesty with our clients. Since 1999 we have proven our worth to clients by providing the best resources, properly screened and specifically chosen for the project.


We treat our @-IT consultants with the greatest of respect, integrity and honesty while representing their best interests in the marketplace.

The relationships that we have created with our clients and consultants have enhanced our success and created an enduring model for the future growth.

Value Proposition

In @-IT's on-going business planning sessions we seek to solve what would seem a challenging goal but one suited to our local IT market:

@-IT's value proposition

The highest quality resources and skill-sets available, delivering technology solutions at costs that reflect @-IT's overhead, which is lower than a traditional consulting organization can offer.

We are unique because our consultants have ownership in their work and our mutual success and foremost, our client's success. They spend time understanding our clients' needs. They understand the issues and challenges and they are also closely associated with the local IT network. @-IT provides opportunities for our consultants to use the newest and most sought after technologies and skills to add real value to our clients' projects.

We are driven by three priorities:


We believe that performing excellent work for our clients is paramount - it ensures on-going relationships and references for future work with results that are measurable.


We recognize that our consultants are unique individuals - they are experts in both the use of technology and in their ability to see and solve the business problem. Using successful project management and development techniques, they deliver.


@-IT is a vehicle by which all of its consultants, including shareholders, are able to maximize their career and work opportunities.

@-IT's Shareholders

@-IT's management team is made up of two individuals. The combination of their experience focuses on how to apply IT Business Solutions to complement our clients business.

Bob Webb

Bob is a veteran of the IT business. He's been successful at delivering business technology solutions for many industries both as an IT vendor and as an IT manager at MTS. Bob knows the business and the IT scene in Winnipeg. He keeps close touch with our customers to provide the highest possible level of service.

Fraser Kulba

Fraser has several years of experience in professional services and management, including many successful start-ups, still operating today, with diversity in many industries and provides a business perspective and clear insight into the operations and how the application of technology will benefit the customer.